привет, любовь "I can't tell you what I'm thinking right now."
Ladies of: pilot
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Not For Puppies

First yellow comic in a long time! Steve wrote this one.


M E  A N D  T H E  D E V I L - you sleep with your limbs dangling off your bed to let the monsters know you’re willing

i. everybody wants to rule the world- lorde // ii. hoodoo - muse // iii. what the water gave me- florence + the machine // iv. she never sleeps - hans zimmer // v. mad house - rhianna // vi. wolf & i- oh land // vii. me and the devil- soap&skin // ix. biting down- lorde // x. down boy- yeah yeah yeahs // xi. winter soldier- henry jackman // xii. kings- chelsea wolfe // xiii. showbiz- muse // xiv. flickers- son lux // xv. smokey taboo- cocorosie // xvi. leave my body - florence + the machine // xvii. the wolf- fever ray // xviii. freak out- my brightest diamond // xix. sacrilege - the yeah yeah yeahs // xx. my enemy (paranoia)- hans zimmer // xxi. sugarbread- soap&skin // xxii. grot - st. vincent // xxiii. gravedigress - coocorosie // xxiv. secret- the pierces // xxv. bones (bokken remix)- ms mr // 


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“Today’s proverb: Language will evolve, irregardless of your attempt to literally lock it away in a secluded tower. Obvs.” — Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 55, The University of What It Is (via tranquilebony)

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mads mikkelsen: a summary in text posts [insp.]

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“I’m going to work on my cosplay today!” — someone who did not work on their cosplay that day (via paleships)

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fire burn, and cauldron bubble (listen) for modern witches who keep their spells in grimoires and in the cloud, hex their enemies with a flick of a finger, and brew their potions with recipes found on wiccapedia

01. yeah yeah yeahs - black tongue 02. haim - my song 5 03. m.i.a. - double bubble trouble 04. grimes - oblivion 05. cat power - he war 06. fever ray - dry and dusty 07. metric - artificial nocturne 08. ms mr - bones 09. arctic monkeys - arabella 10. florence + the machine - strangeness and charm